Hickman’s Family Farms Announces Major Cage-Free Egg-spansion
Egg producer converting to cage-free
to keep up with market demands


Following McDonald’s announcement yesterday that it will convert to 100% cage-free eggs, Hickman’s Family Farms of Arizona announced today a major, 2 million hen cage-free expansion. 

“Cage free is just the next logical step in providing eggs to our markets and comfort for our hens,” CEO Glenn Hickman says. “Our customers are moving to cage-free faster than the regulatory environment is requiring it, so we want to ensure abundant supplies. It’s the future of our industry and our business.” 

The new facilities will be located at Hickman’s Tonopah and Arlington locations. 

Adds Billy Hickman, VP of operations for the family enterprise: “The science and technology of the new aviary systems allows us to continue to offer the highest quality eggs produced in state of the art facilities.  Our children and grandchildren will be proud to continue the family tradition of producing eggs for consumers in the Southwest.”

Glenn Hickman

From of a flock of 50 in Grandma Hickman\’s back yard to our current flock of laying hens in environmentally friendly, automated houses – we\’ve gotten bigger and better over the years. More…

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Fox 10 Arizona Morning’s Cory McCloskey at Hickman\’s Maricopa Facility

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