Glenn Hickman

Glenn and Audrey Hickman and family

Glenn Hickman is a third generation Arizona farmer, and is the current President and CEO of Hickman’s Family Farms. According to payment records, his official start date with the family business was 1973, when he was 12.

He was a driven man even at a very young age, and at 19 he left college to run and manage the family farm with his mother and father, Gertie and Bill Hickman, Sr. Two years later, younger brother Billy followed the same path, and soon Clint and Sharman joined the ranks.

Hickman’s Family Farms began on grandmother Nell Hickman’s porch in 1944 in Glendale, Arizona. Growing from an enterprise with an original flock of 50 chickens, Hickman’s Family Farms is now the largest egg company in the Southwest. Together the Hickmans have transformed the small “backyard” egg operation into a multi-million dollar family enterprise. Considered an Arizona success story, Hickman’s Family Farms has provided fresh eggs for 73 years.

Glenn and his wife, Audrey, are the parents of two adult sons, Michael and Grant, and became grandparents for the first time in 2015.

Glenn Hickman